Born in Dublin Ireland, currently residing in central Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

‘Whatever our Consciousness can conceive and believe it can manifest. What we observe or believe to be true is a reflection
of the words we speak, the thoughts we have, the beliefs we hold and our emotional state. Our reality is a reflection of us.”

I believe the reality that we perceive is created from within ourselves. This creation follows the laws of quantum physics through our inner consciousness which is connected to all that
isand to Creator consciousness that has created what we perceive to be real. 

What we observe or believe to be true is a reflection of the words we speak, the thoughts we have, the beliefs we hold and our emotional state. Our reality is a reflection of us.

Our minds create what is essentially an illusion based on the past and future, which leads us to an experience of separation, disconnection and negative emotions that create illness, suffering and disharmony on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/soul levels. 

By connecting with our inner consciousness, our I Am Presence and bringing our awareness into the heart we can change our neurophysiology to a right brain Theta brain wave state. Here, we have the ability through the use of conscious intent to transform our reality into what we truly desire and want it to be. This includes the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and everything in our field of perception including relationships, environment or workplace. 

When we come to understand how to live our lives from this space, we regain control and allow ourselves to live a life of wellness, harmony, unconditional love, peace and abundance.

My intention and goal in life is to share this information, life learning’s, and ways to become more peaceful and healthy, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

A near death experience in 2003 led me to a spiritual awakening. In the years that followed, I was drawn to learn numerous healing modalities and meet with some of the most wise, inspirational spiritual energy healers in the world.

I came to know and understand the neuro-science and physics that is now known about the simple techniques and processes that each and every one of us can use to live a life of wellness, harmony, unconditional love, peace and abundance.

I came to a clear understanding of how healing and transformational conscious intent can change our external reality. Each and every one of us can easily learn the techniques that allow us to go into our heart connect with our true selves, connect with our spirit/soul and with Creator Consciousness.

At our workshops you will be taught and experience these simple techniques so that you can create harmony and wellness for yourself on the physical mental emotional and Spirit level. You will also experience self-healing and know how to help others to do the same.

For those who work in the healing arts it will enable your work to be much more effective with better outcomes. The techniques/processes taught will allow you to expand and put your healing modality on a higher plane.

You will find that the simple techniques you learn at these workshops will empower you to be able to live a life of wellness, peace, harmony and abundance on all levels.

I offer healing sessions in person or remotely via the Internet on Skype or telephone.

I would be honored to be part of your healing journey and to share with you the techniques and processes that will allow you to live a life of self-empowerment .To bring peace fulfillment and wellness into all aspects of your life.

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Doorway to being your Self







Dr Robbie O'Dwyer shares his gifts and knowledge of how we have within ourselves the power and ability to 

transform our lives and heal and bring balance peace and joy into our everyday experience .

His purpose is to give HOPE .

To be the best You can be on the physical mental emotional and spiritual levels .

To reconnect and come to know the Authentic Self .

This is a workshop in which he will discuss how focused conscious intent from the heart can empower us to transcend,transform and heal all aspects of our selves and the life that we experience .

From his knowledge of medicine , psychology, Neuroscience ,Epigenetics ,research on consciousness, and having studied 8 different modalities of alternative healing he will show how you can connect with that powerfull inner you that can transform and heal all aspects of your life.

In this workshop he will share his knowledge and have you learn and experience 5 meditation techniques that will 

give you the tools to empower you to tap into the powerful healer that is You.

You will get to experience healing and transformation at this powerful event.

To Register for this event you can pay online here or 

Pay cash at the door .

To Register Please 

Contact Carol Keane 

as there is limited seats available 

tel 250-247-9072


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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